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  • Brand stac plastic
  • Model A02061


Stac air - compressed air

application area:
gently removes dust and dirt from sensitive electronics without scratching and leaving residues - contains no CFCs, CFC or ckw
• Ideal for cleaning flat panel / LCD / LED monitors, notebook computers, keyboards, video cameras, projectors lenses and many other delicate equipment
• Ideal for the photo industry and high fidelity
• easy to clean power supplies, fans and cooling units in order to improve the performance and efficiency
• button for precise dispensing and straw to reach even the most difficult to clean small areas and

lighter contains flammable gas (propane-butane). environmentally friendly and odorless product.
• does not attack plastics and leaves no residual moisture
• High pressure removes dirt easily and quickly
• spray with special valve for controlling the air flow
• it does not contain propellants deemed harmful to the ozone layer

technical features:
- Container: Aerosol
- Color: Colorless
- content: 400ml

Technical features

Contenuto Ml 400
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