Melchioni group

Business divisions constantly engaged in different markets, structures capable of meeting the most diverse requirements in every detail, managed independently with targeted marketing strategies, trade policies, sales agents and a capillary and efficient after-sales service.

Melchioni Elettronica Professionale becomes
Melchioni Ready

From 1st January 2020 Melchioni S.p.A. conferred the “Professional Electronics“ business unit to the company Melchioni Ready S.r.l. All existing relationships and any new activities relating to the “Professional Electronics“ business unit will be headed by "Melchioni Ready S.r.l.". “Professional Electronics“ customers can continue to contact their reference agent for their needs.

Electronic components

With over 50,000 SKUs, the Electronic Components Division is the largest independent distributor of industrial electronic components in Italy. Thanks to solid alliances with the best manufacturers worldwide, Melchioni is able to meet customer requirements with a fast, effective, and flexible service, characterized by the highest level of collaboration.


One of the main strengths is the “customization” of the offered products. An efficient service, a highly qualified prototype department and an experienced R&D team, are just some of the characteristics of the division that aims to increasingly diversify its business proposal and to further expand horizons, starting to look beyond the national boundaries.