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Code 700001776

Testata CD 2Gole Diametro: 143mm 12V rotolock verticale


Code 700001820

Testata HA 2Gole Diametro: 143,6mm 12V Rotolock


Code 700001824

Testata MD 1Gola Diametro: 135mm 24V rotolock orizzontale


Code 700001825

Testata UA PV6 Diametro: 121mm 12V con flangia


Code 700001840

Testata MH PV5 Diametro: 117mm 12V rotolock orizzontale spessa

C.1100 -1162 SD7V16

Code 700001841

Testata VQD PV6 Diametro: 120mm 12V

C.1158/6212 SD7V16

Code 700001844

Testata VUB PV7 Diametro: 130mm 12V

C.1159 SD7V16

Code 700001848

Testata VUA PV6 Diametro: 121mm 12V

C.1419 SD6V12

Code 700001849

Testata VFB PV6 Diametro: 120mm 12V Flangia

C.1221/1281/8080/1079 SD7V16

Code 700001850

Testata VQL PV6 Diametro: 120mm 12V

C.8223/7929 SD7H15

Code 700001853

Testata CB 2Gole Diametro: 134mm 12V

C.8084 SD7H15

Code 700001854

Testata CB PK4 Diametro: 112mm 12V
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