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Dimensions mm. 540x310x16

Code 700002568

standard condenser model MFC-1054AE

(until exhaustion of stocks)

Code 700001678

Same condenser

(until exhaustion of stocks)

Code 700001683

Same condenser

(Made in Cina)Dimensions mm. 460x360x16 interchangeable with 700002565 (until exhaustion of stocks)

Code 700002566

Condenser equivalent to the model MFC 2046AE

(Made in Cina)Dimensions mm. 540x310x16 interchangeable with 700002568 (until exhaustion of stocks)

Code 700002569

Condenser equivalent to the model MFC-1054AE

Dimensions mm. 680x360x16

Code 700002573

standard condenser model MFC-2068AE

Dimensions mm. 414x348

Code 700002575

Condenser model 022298OR

Dimensions mm. 414x247

Code 700002580

Condenser model 022296OR

Dimensions mm. 539x247

Code 700002582

Condenser model 022299OR

Dimensions mm. 539x348

Code 700002584

Condenser model 022301OR

Dimensions mm. 660x442

Code 700002585

Condenser model 022417OR

on request

Code 700003336

electroventilated floor condenser 24V
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