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C.8105 SD7H15

Code 700001932

Testata JD PV6 Diametro: 119mm 12V montaggio diretto


Code 700001763

Testata CB 2Gole Diametro: 132mm 12 V rotolock verticale


Code 700001772

Testata CB 2Gole Diametro: 125mm 12V Rotolok Verticale

C.5078 SD5H09

Code 700001778

Testata E 2Gole Diametro: 125mm 12V cono verticale


Code 700001799

Testata KG PV8 Diametro: 119mm 12V O-ring

C.8230/8028/7890 SD7H15

Code 700001807

Testata JE PV8 Diametro: 119mm 12 V O-ring verticale

C.6634 /6689-SD5H14

Code 700001832

Testata K 2Gole Diametro: 132mm 24V O-ring Orizzontale

C.6649 SD5H14

Code 700001915

Testata FL PV10 Diametro: 125mm 24V O-Ring Verticale

C.4641 SD7H15

Code 700001934

Testata MD PV6 Diametro: 119mm 12V rotolock orizzontale

C.5650HT SD5L09

Code 700001950

Testata SW 2Gole Diametro: 125mm 12V O-ring orizzontale per R-404a

C.4435 SD7H15

Code 700002020

Testata GV 2Gole Diametro: 132mm 24V

C.4872 SD7H15

Code 700002037

Testata FL PV10 Diametro: 125mm 12V
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