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bocchetta aria tonda Ø64 mm

Code 700002598

round louver Ø64

bocchetta aria rettangolare 88x49 mm

Code 700002570

rectangular louver 88x49

bocchetta aria tonda Ø101 mm

Code 700002588

round louver Ø101

bocchetta aria rettangolare 130x52 mm

Code 700002590

rectangular louver 130x52

bocchetta aria tonda Ø72,5 mm

Code 700002594

round louver Ø72,5

bocchetta aria tonda Ø86,5 mm

Code 700002602

round louver Ø86,5

bocchetta aria rettangolare 201x40 mm

Code 700002603

rectangular louver 201x40