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attacco rapido con volantino BP 1/4 SAE

Code 700003858

Quick coupler fitted with BP 1/4 SAE connection

air cleaner 400 ml

Code 700003737

air cleaner 400 ml

kit 25pcs

Code 700003751

needle valve STD

adattatori bassa pressione R12/R134

Code 700003753

low pressure adapter R12/R134

adattatori alta pressione R12/R134

Code 700003754

high pressure adapter R12/R134

estrattore tubi ford G12 3/4"

Code 700003782

extractor kit for Ford G12 3/4" hoses

attacco rapido con volantino AP 1/4 SAE

Code 700003859

quick coupler fitted with AP 1/4 SAE connection

kit 2pcs

Code 700003880

seal GM 8mm

kit 2pcs

Code 700003883

seal GM 15mm

kit 2pcs

Code 700003884

seal GM 17mm

tubazione flex 3mt ATT.1/4 blu

Code 700003887

3mt ATT.1/4 blue hose

tubazione flex 3mt ATT.1/4 rossa

Code 700003888

3mt ATT.1/4 red hose

tubazione flex 600 mm ATT.45 rossa

Code 700003889

600 ATT.45 red hose

tubazione flex 600 mm ATT.45 blu

Code 700003890

600 ATT.45 blue hose

olio triton SW 32 1 Litro

Code 700003897

triton oil SW 32 1 Liter

lampada blue light 6 led

Code 700003900

blue light lamp with 6 leds

tubazione flex 3mt blu acme M*F

Code 700003901

3mt blue acme M*F hose

tubazione flex 3 mt rossa acme M*F

Code 700003902

3 mt red acme M*F hose

attacco rapido+volantino bp acme - femmia

Code 700003903

quick coupler fitted with lp acme female connection

attacco rapido+volantino ap acme - femmina

Code 700003904

quick coupler fitted with hp acme female connection