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Code 700001776

Testata CD 2Gole Diametro: 143mm 12V rotolock verticale


Code 700001825

Testata UA PV6 Diametro: 121mm 12V con flangia

C.1100 -1162 SD7V16

Code 700001841

Testata VQD PV6 Diametro: 120mm 12V

C.1419 SD6V12

Code 700001849

Testata VFB PV6 Diametro: 120mm 12V Flangia

C.8223/7929 SD7H15

Code 700001853

Testata CB 2Gole Diametro: 134mm 12V

C.1227 SD7V16

Code 700001860

Testata VQA PV6 Diametro: 119mm 12V

C.1416/1919 SD6V12

Code 700001863

Testata VGL PV6 Diametro: 125mm 12V

C.8176/8044/6028 SD7H15

Code 700001867

Testata WV PV8 Diametro: 132mm 24V

C.1431 SD6V12

Code 700001871

Testata VFD PV5 Diametro: 119mm 12V

C.8133 SD7H15

Code 700001879

Testata MD 1Gola Diametro: 135mm 24V

C.8003 SD7H15

Code 700001881

Testata WV PV8 Diametro: 132mm 24V

C.8600E/8629 PXV

Code 700001885

Testata PQA PV5 Diametro: 120mm 12V

C.8135 SD7H15

Code 700001887

Testata WU 1Gola Diametro: 135mm 24V

C.7815 SD7H15

Code 700001891

Testata SC PV6 Diametro: 119mm 12V

C.1246/1279/1207/1244 SD7V16

Code 700001894

Testata VQS PV6 Diametro: 128mm 12V

C.8093 SD7H15

Code 700001900

Testata SQ PV5 Diametro: 119mm 24V

C.1240/1836E/1852/1259/1800 SD7V16

Code 700001902

Testata VTA PV6 Diametro: 119mm 12V

C.1278/1233/1215/1221/4255/1079 SD7V16

Code 700001907

Testata VQS PV6 Diametro: 120mm 12V

C.4768/8985E SD7H15

Code 700001910

Testata HD PV8 Diametro: 152mm 12V rotolock

C.8045/8243 SD7H15

Code 700001917

Testata WZ 2Gole Diametro: 132mm 24V

C.4640/8066 SD7H15

Code 700001922

Testata GK 1Gola Diametro: 152mm 24V

C.4840 SD7H15

Code 700001928

Testata GK PV8 Diametro: 152mm 24V montaggio diretto

C.8131 SD7H15

Code 700001930

Testata SQ PV5 Diametro: 119mm 24V

C.3450/4910 TRSA12

Code 700001938

Testata non riportata PV6 Diametro: 100mm 12V montaggio diretto

C.4604 SD7H15

Code 700001941

Testata GK 1Gola Diametro: 138mm 24V

C.4609 SD7H15

Code 700001945

Testata MD 2Gole Diametro: 152mm 12V

C.1449/1926E/1907/1940 SD6V12

Code 700001954

Testata VEA PV6 Diametro: 119mm 12 V

C.4813 SD7H15

Code 700001961

Testata OM PV8 Diametro: 133mm 12V

C.4661 SD7H15

Code 700001964

Testata KC 1Gola Diametro: 138mm 12V

C.8104/4664 SD7H15

Code 700001967

Testata JE 2Gole Diametro: 132mm 12V

C.7960 MF SD7H15

Code 700001970

Testata QC 2Gole Diametro: 132mm 12V

C.8099 SD7H15

Code 700001973

Testata JE PV6 Diametro: 119mm 12V

C.8634/8612/8614/8620 PXV16

Code 700001978

Testata PQD PV5 Diametro: 110mm 12V

C.8621 PXV16

Code 700001988

Testata PNC PV16 Diametro: 120mm 12V

C.1452 /1900/1912/1918 SD6V12

Code 700001993

Testata VGN PV6 Diametro: 125mm 12 V

C.8188 SD7H15

Code 700001996

Testata SQ PV8 Diametro: 132mm 24V

C.8277/6013 SD7H15

Code 700002002

Testata GN PV8 Diametro: 119mm 24V

C.4324 SD7H15

Code 700002005

Testata WV PV8 Diametro: 176mm 24V montaggio diretto

C.8231/6048E SD7H15

Code 700002007

Testata SB PV7 Diametro: 136mm 24V

C.1803/1270/1848 SD7V16

Code 700002011

Testata VTC PV6 Diametro: 119mm 12V

C.1920/1466 SD6V12

Code 700002013

Testata VGT PV6 Diametro: 110mm 12V


Code 700002018

Testata YE PV10 Diametro: 120mm 24V

C.8244 SD7H15

Code 700002022

Testata QC PV6 Diametro: 119mm 12V montaggio diretto

C.4626 SD7H15

Code 700002028

Testata JD 2Gole Diametro: 132mm 12V montaggio diretto

C.8035 SD7H15

Code 700002041

Testata JE PV10 Diametro: 125mm 12V

C.4854 SD7H15

Code 700002044

Testata GZA PV6 Diametro: 130mm 12V

C.1301/1318/1324R SD7C16

Code 700005018

Testata CRB PV6 Diametro: 119mm 12V montaggio diretto

C.4603 SD7H15

Code 700005514

Testata WJ 2Gole Diametro: 132mm 12V O-ring verticale
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